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PUBLISHED: 17:22 23 March 2014 | UPDATED: 17:22 23 March 2014




With a love affair for all things Loughton, our beauty industry WEG this month talks tidy nails, trendy brogues and 
her penchant for vacations

Who are you and what do you do?

“I’m Andrea Cooper, Director of Beautec Beauty Academy Loughton.”

Where do you live and why?

“Loughton, it has the best of everything, from restaurants to bars and it’s great for shopping. It offers so much and is a lovely place to live with the forest so close by.”

Are you a lady who lunches?

“When I’m not working I love to lunch with the girls in Loughton and also like going into town if I fancy a change.”

Which is your favourite local boutique?

“Loughton High Street has a lot to offer and is convenient for lunch break browsing, but I do also love to shop in the West End when I want something extra special.”

Which is your favourite local restaurant?

“I really like the fish restaurant Smith’s in Ongar, which is close to Loughton. The food is always very fresh with a good variety and the staff are lovely.”

Where do you go for a girly night out?

“Local to Loughton is 15 York Hill, which has a good buzz. I also enjoy nights out in the city, Canary Wharf, especially The Urban Bar. It’s always a fun night out with wigs and hats!”

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

“My most enjoyable place yet has to be Kenya. A great place to visit with a safari, but anywhere hot appeals to me! I love the sun.”

What is the most valued possession in your handbag?

“I go everywhere with my handbag. I feel lost without it! If I had to choose one thing it would be my nail file. Tidy nails are a necessity, especially in my business!”

How often do you visit your beauty salon?

“As my beauty students carryout such lovely treatments I don’t feel the need to go elsewhere. I do occasionally visit Evie Adams, my salon of choice for over 20 years and one of the best salons for miles.”

Cosmetic surgery or grow old gracefully?

“Grow old gracefully, definitely!”

What are your favourite shoes?

“I love my trendy brogues for day time, my nude high heels are a must for nights out and pumps for recovery.”

What are you driving at the moment?

“I drive a Range Rover Vogue, although I do not drive very often as I live local, so luckily I have everything I need within walking distance.”

Personal trainer or gym?

“I have a personal gym, but also enjoy walking for exercise in places like Epping Forest at the weekend.”

What are you listening to on your iPod?

“I like a mixture of music, from old school Hed Kandi and Funky Nu-Disco, to chart music such as Pharrell Williams.”

What makes you smile?

“Enjoying my work and social life, as well as being with my lovely two daughters and wonderful partner and friends.”

Do you have a claim to fame?

“I’ve met Eddie Murphy in New York when I was in Studio54 whilst on holiday.”

What luxury could you not do without?

“My holidays - couldn’t live without them. Anyone that knows me knows that I do a lot of these!”

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