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PUBLISHED: 10:00 23 May 2016 | UPDATED: 15:04 23 May 2016




Getting wed in 2016 and want to tone up without setting foot in the gym? Then head to Hypoxi for a new style of fitness with proven results

The sound of wedding bells is almost always followed by the clanging of dumbbells as brides work hard to look their best down the aisle. But the gym can be intimidating and many of us don’t know where to start when it comes to toning up those problem areas. Luckily, Hypoxi Studio in South Woodford is on hand to help brides and grooms get in shape in time for their big day.

Hypoxi is a low impact exercise method that is three times more affective at burning stubborn fat than regular exercise. Through advanced vacuum and compression technology and healthy nutrition, Hypoxi activates your body’s natural system to burn specific areas of fat and cellulite. Sylwia Blackman, owner of Hypoxi Studio says: ‘The most important way of successfully reducing body fat is optimal blood circulation in the concerned body areas. Hypoxi puts these areas under pressure, achieved by vacuum and compression, teamed with a moderate kinetic exercise which stimulates the metabolism. Redundant fat is then activated and transported via the blood circulation to be burned in the muscles.’

There are a range of packages available for those wishing to get fit, tone up and reduce the appearance of cellulite. For brides-to-be, Sylwia recommends starting training 12 to six months before the wedding, however the intensity and frequency of the regime is dependent on the bride’s current fitness level and willingness to change. ‘During the initial consultation a Hypoxi coach will advise the bride about nutritional changes and planning their sessions of at least three times a week,’ Sylwia adds: ‘I would also recommend combining Hypoxi with weight training to tone the bride’s upper body for her dream dress.’

The different Hypoxi machines target different areas of the body so you get a more focused workout when compared to regular cardio at the gym. To tone and reshape the upper body, opt for the Hypoxi Vacunaut. The neoprene suit is fitted with 125 cups which increase blood circulation when power walking on a treadmill. ‘This treatment will transform your waist, arms and back and is highly recommended for brides and grooms,’ explains Sylwia.

Another great routine which targets your lower body including the lower abdominal, hips, legs and bum is the Hypoxi bike which uses compression and vacuum inside an egg-like capsule. Using any Hypoxi machines is said to make a visible difference to your weight and inches in just two weeks. ‘To achieve perfectly smooth skin, brides should use the Hypoxi Dermologie cupping suit,’ says Sylwia. ‘The experience leaves you feeling relaxed and your skin will be tighter, smoother and appear younger.’ - Just what every bride wishes for on her special day.

What’s more, Hypoxi sessions only last 30 minutes meaning you can easily squeeze them in between wedding planning. So what are you waiting for ladies? Book your FREE consultation today on 0208 989 2700. Hypoxi Studio are running and exclusive offer of buy one course and save 50% on a second so why not get your bridesmaids, husband-to-be, or even mother involved too.

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