Prepare to party!

PUBLISHED: 10:42 15 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:10 20 February 2013

Prepare to party!

Prepare to party!

As we get ready to glam up for the festive season, Emma McLendon discovers three truly indulgent beauty treatments with some unexpected benefits

The party season is fast approaching and it can be difficult to stay looking gorgeous from that first Christmas work do to the final New Years extravaganza. Maintaining a glamorous manicure and flawless skin tone can be tough, but there are some beauty treatments capturing our imagination for the unexpected added health benefits they provide.

Risk-free tanning
Jo Burke is the owner of Westm Spray Tan, a mobile tanning service, Woodford Green. She says tanning is the key to feeling fabulous on a big night out.
It gives an instant confidence boost, says Jo. With a perfect tan you can feel comfortable wearing short party dresses even in winter
Jo uses Celebrity Secrets products, which use only natural ingredients and contain no paraben chemicals. The varied available colours makes the range particularly beneficial for those with fair skin, who are four times more likely to develop skin cancer from natural tanning than people with darker skin.
Spray tanning is so much better for your skin than even natural sunlight, explains Jo. It is important to exfoliate prior to application and then remember to moisturise your skin daily to keep it nourished. Smooth and shiny skin will also enhance your party look.
Ive learned from using sun beds, which can encourage the growth of melanomas, and now will only recommend and use spray tan.

A softer step
A natural way to soften hard skin is making waves in West Essex, as salons and spas introduce tanks of Doctor Fish, or garra rufa. The treatment, originating in Turkey, has been embraced by South Woodford salon Scotts, who describes it as a combination stress-buster, pedicure and skin treatment.
Its fantastic for people with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or vitiligo, says Scotts technician Emma Davis. We had a customer who had read about the beneficial effects of our Doctor Fish and brought in her two-year-old son, who suffered with severe eczema. He was small enough to fit into the tank, and after a few treatments his mother saw a really dramatic change.
Scotts two tanks of Doctor Fish gently eat away at any dead or damaged skin, excreting an enzyme that begins to stimulate healthier skin growth from the first treatment.
Emma says that there is no limit on how often the fish can be used. We provide a foot massage after the treatment, which leaves your feet beautifully soft and healthier than before. Most importantly, its amazingly relaxing though we often hear the laughter of people who are ticklish.

Release your inner minx
Beauty salons across our region are recommending American brand Minx Nails for a new way to bring your manicure into high fashion. Sue Kimpton-Brown and Natasha Bird, proprietors of mobile nail salon Oh So Cuticle, first started offering Minx in July.
Minx is a chemical-free, environmentally friendly nail covering created by heating foil to adhere to a natural or acrylic nail. It has no drying time and solidifies to protect the nail.
Minx is designed to extend fashion to your fingertips, explains nail technician Natasha. Its easy to become addicted to the range of foils. Minx doesnt damage the nail bed and comes off easily with a little heat. The lack of chemicals and fumes means that the treatment is much better for both the nail and the customer.
And this seasons party must-haves? Dominant metallics and fiery animal prints, suggests Sue.

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