How to achieve Kylie Minogue legs - beauty video

PUBLISHED: 18:13 22 June 2010 | UPDATED: 10:30 21 February 2013

This video contains expert advice on the do's and don'ts of leg preparation and pampering. It shows tricks you can use to get exfoliating, shaving and moisturizing right every time. The video accompanies research that shows...

UK girls spending an average of 273 hours a year on their beauty regime!

79% just wish for a quicker and simpler alternative to help them get ready!

The look they all want: Kylie Minogues smooth legs, Holly Willoughbys beautiful hair and J-Los perfect tan

New research by Elastoplast Invisible Protection, shows that many women are spending hours perfecting their looks each day. Whilst the average woman spends 35 minutes on her daily beauty regime before work or college it often takes women hours longer at the weekends. Younger girls are the most beauty conscious with 20% of girls aged 16-19 spending up to 2 hours perfecting their looks in the mornings. When it comes to nights out, this can rise to 6 hours for some - its not surprising then that 79% just wish for a quicker and easier alternative!

Having a wardrobe crisis is common with 54% experiencing a clothes on, clothes off C.O.C.O moment changing outfits 3 times or more before deciding on a final look. The hair, tan and legs women most aspire to have are Holly Willoughbys flowing locks, Kylie Minogues pins and Jennifer Lopezs perfect, even tan.

Painful statistics

The statistics show that over half of girls will risk pain and blisters for the sake of looking their best in their high heels.

Nearly a quarter claim to have worn a bra that is too tight or uncomfortable because it makes them look better in their clothes. Just under a quarter of girls have worn Bridget Jones control pants to look better in a dress, with women in their late twenties the most likely to wear them!

A beautiful plaster

9 out of 10 girls shave their legs to get rid of unwanted hair, and a sneaky 47% admit to using their boyfriends razor without telling them often leading to nicks and cuts. Nearly half of women feel the need to cover up their legs with the help of tights or leggings to hide shaving mistakes, whilst nearly a third use an everyday plaster to conceal a nick often drawing more attention to the area!

Elastoplast has launched Elastoplast Invisible Protection, the first ever totally transparent plaster that offers an aesthetic alternative to everyday fabric plasters since you can hardly see it on the skin. Invisible Protection is just like a second-skin; its ultra-thin and waterproof and will stay on all night allowing the wearer to feel care-free and confident. Invisible Protection is available to purchase from all major retailers nationwide with an RRP of 2.99.

Women are going through lengthy, painful procedures when theres a quicker and simpler solution. To mark the launch of Invisible Protection, Elastoplast have teamed up with expert beauty blogger, Becci Vallis, to create Beauty SOS videos fast and effective beauty advice for all girls on the go! Elastoplasts Beauty SOS videos are available to download for free to your computer and mobile phone from the new Invisible Protection website

All sources refer to research commissioned by One Poll, May 2010 on 1500 women aged 16-30.

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