3 reasons you might have back pain

PUBLISHED: 09:16 17 May 2016 | UPDATED: 09:30 09 June 2016

Silver Podiatry

Silver Podiatry


Chronic back pain is one of the hidden menaces of the 21st century. Tight shoulders, spasming lower back and aching thighs and hips are symptoms at some point found in 80% of the UK’s adult population

Silver PodiatrySilver Podiatry

A first look might make lower limb pain seem like the result of a sports injury. Maybe you twisted your back while gardening, painting that garage door, or injured your ankle training for the marathon. But there are plenty of potential reasons for back pain, not all of them as obvious as you’d think. Often symptomatic of our frantic, technology-oriented modern lifestyles, here are three other reasons you could be experiencing pain.

1) Ill-fitting shoes

A lot of foot pain stems from poorly fitting or functioning shoes. The alignment of bones and tendons is very specific in the human body, and abnormality is likely to cause discomfort – especially after a while.

Wearing the wrong size shoes, or frequently wearing shoes that force your feet into unnatural positions like high heels, can push the bones and muscles into an abnormal position resulting in foot pain. So if you’re experiencing some sort of pain in your feet, ankles and lower legs, take a look at the footwear you are using. It is important to wear strong shoes that support the feet, are comfortable for walking, and are the correct size.

2) Bad posture

This is the cardinal sin of office workers today. It’s easy to slouch at the desk at all day, sitting with your chin in your hand, then get home after a long day and slump on the sofa in front of Netflix.

Even people making use of a regular exercise routine can forget about posture in everyday life. If there’s one thing you should make an effort to do during the day, it’s sitting and standing up straight. Not only is it good for circulation and digestion, but your muscles will be less tight and you will experience much less back and leg pain. Remember to stretch at regular intervals and keep your computer monitor at eye level.

3) Overuse

The human body isn’t perfect. Every person is likely to have minor deformities, differences in the length of legs or the size of feet. When you walk, you compensate for this difference whether you realise it or not. This can lead to a tendency to favour one leg over the other, which in turn can lead to foot and leg pain.

In this instance, a visit to the GP or just changing your insoles is unlikely to relieve the symptoms. However, biomechanics specialists and podiatrists such as the Silver Podiatry based in Essex can offer expert advice and lower leg treatment of pain due to overuse, and prescribe orthotics to amend the alignment of the body.

As our lives become increasingly technology-focused it is more important to pay attention to your footwear, your posture, and your gait as you go about your daily business. Hunched over a computer or peering at a smartphone all day will only exacerbate back pain, but with a bit of personal care and attention and advice from the right people, it can be eased.

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