Celebrating 200 issues of West Essex Life

PUBLISHED: 12:25 10 January 2020

Here's to 200 more issues...

Here's to 200 more issues...


To mark 200 issues of West Essex Life, we’ve decided to blow our own trumpet and speak to three of the magazine’s biggest fans

Christine Baker, PR Consultant at Christen Media

I found out about West Essex Life when the magazines started coming through my door. For years I just enjoyed reading the local stories but then as a PR consultant I decided to get involved and now I have an excellent relationship with both advertising contacts and the editor. It's my job to make my clients different from their competitors and that's why promoting them in West Essex Life has offered lots of opportunities for creating awareness of their business. The features aren't always just about what my clients do either but sometimes more personal, which is great for their profile.

I've found working with the editorial team excellent and so professional, I appreciate how vital deadlines are to the magazine's monthly distribution and that works because I am also a stickler for deadlines, as my clients find out! It's great to have a reliable and compatible relationship with a magazine that has such a good outreach and readership level.

What I enjoy the most about West Essex Life is their attention to local community news and projects. It's not all about paying to advertise and plenty of space inside is given to a range of ventures and endeavours. I frequently send in press releases and pictures from voluntary organisations which help increase awareness of their activities too. Some of my favourite monthly features are The Last Word, Bright Young Thing and Word of Mouth.

The magazine has grown over the years and is now very well established. In my world of PR it is the one most people have heard of over others and that is down to excellent editing and their ability to keep the readers interested. I am known as the PR Extraordinaire and that's because I achieve extraordinary press coverage for my clients and with the help of West Essex Life and their fantastic outreach, I expect that to continue to blossom.Here's to 2020 and beyond!

Jon O'Shea, Chairman/Senior Tax Partner at Haslers

I think I probably first heard about West Essex Life about 15 years ago now and we've been working closely with the magazine for about ten of those years in total. Haslers award-winning tax consultants, business advisers and Chartered Accountants have been in business for nearly 70 years now and what is great is that we found that the magazine's readership falls perfectly within our Loughton office location.

The best thing about West Essex Life for our business is that their reach among the local community means their readership includes local businesses and individuals who are exactly the type of client we frequently work with.

Overall our involvement with the magazine has really helped us to increase Haslers brand awareness across a wide network of people, and in turn this has been beneficial to helping us promote various events and seminars that we offer in the West Essex area.

We've found working with the print team a great experience, they are brilliant at adhering to deadlines and are always there to give us a nudge should we need it. The thing I enjoy the most is the relationships we have built with the members of the West Essex Life team, as they are very helpful by always being on hand to assist us with various projects within the business community.

I think my favourite monthly feature inside West Essex Life is probably the restaurant reviews because it gives readers a great chance to find out more about the local food scene and it is always nice to know more about places to eat either socially or for our business venues. Here at Haslers we think West Essex Life just needs to keep doing what they do best, they are doing a fab job so keep up the good work.

Georgina Jenkins, Director and Lead Interior Designer at House of Interiors

Having lived in Woodford Green my whole life I have always enjoyed West Essex Life magazine and I regard it as my local go-to publication because it offers an excellent insight into all things 'West Essex' like local businesses, events and people. West Essex Life is a high-quality, glossy title with great features that are filled with glitz and glamour.

With thousands of free copies being distributed monthly to all the right people and places, here at House of Interiors we knew straight away that it would be ideal for us to advertise in. Our interior design service is based in Cheshunt where we have our 5,000 sq ft showroom and design and manufacture, luxury bespoke furniture and window treatments.

From a business point of view we have always had great feedback and sales from clients after seeing our advertisements and editorials within West Essex Life and from a personal point of view, West Essex has helped keep me up to date with the opening of new restaurants and businesses so I find out all the coolest places to eat, drink and shop. Also, the staff at West Essex Life are really friendly, helpful and professional so it is great working with them.

What I enjoy about the magazine the most is the features on local life, celebrity news and West Essex's many charitable causes. However, as an Interior Designer, I always head straight for the 'Homes & Property' section because I love to know about new developments and the local property market. I also like to keep an eye on the latest products and services being advertised by my competitors and the companies we collaborate with.

I hope West Essex Life continues to deliver high quality features with maybe a few more editorials to keep the focus on local businesses, people and general life in the area. Best of all, this vibrant magazine is free!

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