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PUBLISHED: 16:25 13 February 2017 | UPDATED: 16:25 13 February 2017




Shaun Antony, owner of The Only Way is Crossfit talks to WEL about why fitness should be part of your every day life and how he can help create a stronger, fitter you

Who are you?

Shaun Antony , the Owner, head coach and personal trainer (Level 2 CrossFit Coach) at The Only Way Is CrossFit in Woodford Green.

Why do you do what you do?

I love helping people because it has always been my passion. When people achieve their goals and I’ve helped them get there, it makes my day. I get the chance to make that impact in people’s lives every day.

Can you share your fitness regime?

Constantly varied, high intensity, functional training. CrossFit is a fantastic strength and conditioning programme that I follow. It changed my life. I also run, swim, play football and other sports. I train 5 or 6 days a week, for between 30 and 60 minutes.

Why should fitness be for life?

When I’m 65, I’ll thank myself. I’ll be able to be active with my grandchildren because I’ll have strong bones and joints, I’ll be able to run around without getting out of breath. I’ll sleep well, eat well and travel. Don’t you want the same thing?

What is TowiCrossfit?

It’s a community of ordinary people. Mums, dads, students, teachers and workers. There are no egos. We all work together to achieve the same thing- health and fitness. We are a strength and conditioning programme, but we also offer nutritional advice, sports massage therapy and HIIT sessions. We have Halloween parties, summer socials and coffee mornings. We provide you with the tools and facilities to build a fit body, and long lasting friendships.

What are the benefits?

A better, stronger, fitter you. Think about what that encompasses. We provide those benefits and others you probably haven’t even considered! Some of our ladies had never lifted a weight in their lives. Now they can lift double their bodyweight! Imagine the sense of achievement and empowerment you would feel.

How do you keep your clients focussed on their goals during winter?

Fitness isn’t a destination. It’s a lifestyle! With CrossFit is all about constant improvement. Measuring your progress is a constant reminder that you need to stay on top of your regime. It’s also about being prepared for the unknown. Whatever life throws at you, be ready. Have that mind-set! Build that mind-set. Again, the 65 years old you will thank you for being dedicated. Don’t let yourself down!

Feb is the month for love. Would you encourage couples to train together?

Absolutely, I say this all the time. Couples who train together, stay together. It’s great to have your partner doing the same thing as you. This way, you both understand how hard that session was, how much you achieved lifting that weight, getting your first personal record etc. You’re in this together. And you can pass this on to your kids later on!

Why is keeping fit so important to you?

It keeps me sane. I used to have serious weight issues, body dismorphia, anxiety, all stemming from low self esteem. I’ve been there every one! And not afraid to admit it! It took me a long time to get where I am today, and I still have issues, sure. But exercise, especially CrossFit takes me to awesome places! I feel a sense of achievement; I’m stronger and way more confident. I’m in the ideal place to share my experience and change lives. I really believe that!


•What’s your food heaven? - Anything Italian.

•What’s your guiltiest pleasure? – Fried Chicken

•Gadget must-have? - Garmin VivoActive, it tracks my running, swimming and workouts.

•Favourite sports clothing brand? - Nike

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