Interview with yoga teacher and businesswoman

PUBLISHED: 06:00 23 March 2016

Yoga teacher Natalie Dale speaks to WEL

Yoga teacher Natalie Dale speaks to WEL


WEL talks to Natalie Dale, founder of Style PB and qualified yoga teacher about fashionable sports clothing and why fitness is always fun


Name: Natalie Dale

Company: Style PB

Who are you?

Founder of Style PB and a qualified yoga teacher.

Why do you do what you do?

I adore fitness and I’m always in my sports kit so selling sportswear and teaching yoga is doing what I love!

Can you share your fitness regime?

I go to the gym five times a week. Monday night is always body pump and spin class. The other four sessions are a mix of cardio and weights. I also teach yoga four times a week. I try and make my day as active as possible, so always running up the stairs or escalators!

What inspired you to start a fashionable sports clothing business?

I was training for the London Marathon at the time and I was struggling to find stylish sportswear. I ended up spending a lot of time online and found lots of great independent brands but couldn’t find them all on one site. So I decided to create Style PB to bring together all these stylish sportswear brands.

Sports clothing is becoming increasingly popular, why do you think this is?

I think people are generally more aware of the importance of exercise and as they are spending more time in their sports kit, they want to look good. The athleisure trend means you can run to the gym in your stylish kit and then throw on a leather jacket to meet the girls for lunch. I think this has lead brands to develop more sportsluxe pieces that can be worn in your daily life as well as to the gym.

What sports clothing necessities should everyone own?

Everyone needs a great black legging in their wardrobe, that works for any workout and makes you feel invincible. Add to this a supportive sports bra and layer with a stylish vest and the softest zip-up. That way you’re always ready for the gym but could just as easily go for coffee with the girls afterwards.

Why is keeping fit so important to you?

To me your body and health are the best gifts you’ll ever be given so it’s your duty to look after them. I’m lucky enough to love exercise and genuinely adore going to the gym. Add a new pair of leggings into the mix and then keeping fit is easy!

What is your biggest achievement in your career to date?

Starting Style PB! I have learnt so much along the way, including how to code, which I’m quite proud of! I’ve almost met some hugely inspirational people and partnered with some incredible brands. It has brought about some amazing experiences and is the best thing I’ve ever done.

What’s next for Style PB?

So much! We are taking on new brands all the time! Watch out for Koral and Carven soon. We are also working with lots of fantastic partner brands and putting on some great free events for customers.


•What’s your food heaven? Italian Gelato

•What’s your guiltiest pleasure? A gin and tonic

•Gadget must-have? My Mac Book, it goes everywhere with me!

•Favourite sports clothing brand? It changes every week, at the moment it’s LNDR.

•Favourite fitness move? It has to be the squat, such a full body workout and improves your best asset!

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