Rich & Famous

PUBLISHED: 10:23 15 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:10 20 February 2013

Rich & Famous

Rich & Famous

Sue Moxley and David Van Day speak to Michelle Johnson<br/><br/>about panto, performing and working as a partnership

Sue Moxley has had many careers since her days as a model.

She used her passion for beauty to become a celebrity make up artist and beauty editor for The Sun, before launching the 'Famous' brand of cosmetics four years ago. She now co-presents Wedding TV's So Would You Dump Me Now?, a reality makeover show wherein recently dumped women are given a beauty revamp and - hopefully - learn to love their single selves along the way.
With a new range of 'Famous' products about to launch in 200 more Superdrug stores across the UK, it might seem a surprising time to reinvent herself as a singer alongside husband David Van Day.
'I've always wanted to sing,' Sue explains. 'I don't have the greatest voice in the world but I've learned that if you can put on a show, if you can really perform, then it's not always about the voice alone.'

Birds of a feather
For David, star of 80s pop act 'Dollar', it's a chance for the celebrity couple to work with one another, something that is an obvious priority for both. The duo dreamed up an idea to put a pop act together and play some live gigs across UK holiday camps, a plan which was picked up by the second series of surreal documentary, Pineapple Dance Studio.
'There aren't many couples that work together, but Pineapple loved it,' David enthuses. 'I thought we could make a pun on Sue's makeup line, call ourselves "Rich and Famous".'
The show, which will hit our screens early next year, followed the couple from their Pontin's audition to performances in Wales. While putting the act together a track was produced, and Pineapple subsequently filmed the stars auditioning rappers at an Indian restaurant in Leytonstone.
'It was incredibly surreal and very funny,' Sue grins. 'We don't know how it might take off. The show made Louie Spence a huge star, but it's all so hard to predict.'
'Pineapple is great family entertainment with such a wide audience base, adds David. 'I remember watching the first series and thinking there was something very odd about the show that was very appealing. We're excited about it; it's the sort of show that can take you down a whole different path.'
Pineapple crew was also present at rehearsals for a pantomime version of Aladdin, in which David plays the evil Abanazar with Sue as his assistant, the Slave of the Ring. The pantomime will play for two weeks in Kettering before relocating to Grays, Essex, for a week - a move that has proved extremely personal to the couple, who were married in February.
'I did a panto in Scotland last year,' explains David, 'but we were apart for Christmas and didn't want to do that again. This year will be a panto to remember. Sue looks great and can sing; we're doing quite a few scenes together and will probably morph into each other by the end of it.'
'It's nice to have that professional support,' Sue adds pragmatically. 'When we're working together we both know that there's someone to lean on, who can cover if one of you messes up. We enjoy working together.'

Professional partnership
That much is obvious. Sue and David bounce off each other with practised ease and perfect timing, bickering familiarly in their warm home in rural Essex. The house opens onto a park; a huge draw for the couple, whose three dogs are in various states of health and utterly doted on. It's a convenient set up for Sue and David, who are relentlessly busy with their various projects.
Sue's cosmetics brand, 'Famous', was created with business partner Cheryl Carter four years ago, and is now branching out to offer a one-day course for budding beauticians.
'Famous took so many years of work and heartache to get off the ground,' explains Sue. 'Although I'm moving away from being a day-to-day make up artist, I would never neglect the brand. With the Famous School of Makeup, we're testing a one-day crash course and hoping to eventually provide a longer course as well.'
'We're so busy now,' reflects David, 'I am curious to see how everything goes if the show takes off in the new year. In our profession you go where the work is, and reality shows are such easy viewing. I think the public like a bit of "car crash" TV. They like people who will stick to their principles.'

Back to reality
David has become known for confrontations with his reality TV co-stars, including I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here co-star Nicola McLean. He famously dumped Sue live on Channel 5's The Wright Stuff in 2009, less than a year before they were married.
'It's all about entertainment,' he says. 'I know that if there's a row it'll be on the 'best bits' of the show. I don't particularly start arguments, but I do push people's buttons a bit. We see another side to these stars than we're used to, and when they explode it makes for great TV, and I can feel like I've done my job. I was recently on Celebrity Coach Trip with Tony Blackburn. We were only on the coach an hour before being voted off,' he laughs. 'I think that's a record?'
'David is actually very sweet in real life,' Sue jumps in. 'He likes to be funny; to mix things up a bit; to get people talking about him. The truth is that he's on the telly, and he does it because he can.'
'I think the public like to see the confrontations, the reinventions, and a different side to people,' admits David. 'We have no problem sending ourselves up a bit. When I was working with Buck's Fizz, I had this burger van by day. Everyone was so shocked that I'd done it, and I ended up being featured on daytime television as a warning to people "don't look after your money and you'll end up like David Van Day".'
'What's wrong with that? Everyone has highs and lows in their career,' says Sue, before adding cheekily, 'and he actually makes a really good burger.'
'Next year will be a really big year for us but I expect it'll still be a growing thing,' concludes David. 'Ultimately, I want to work with Sue. If we could present something together, for instance but we're far more interested in keeping people entertained than getting great reviews.'

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