BYT: Rory Bennet

PUBLISHED: 11:38 27 June 2017 | UPDATED: 11:38 27 June 2017

Rory Bennet

Rory Bennet


Champion golfer Rory Bennet, 12, is young man of many talents

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Rory Bennet, I’m 12 years old and in Year 7 at Beal High School. My passion is to play golf as much as possible and I was the first pupil to represent my school at the Essex Golf Union Schools Championship. I swim and play music weekly and since September have taken up strength and conditioning training.

Where do you live and what do you like about it?

I live in Gants Hill which is great because it’s equal distance between my home golf club Hainault Forest who have supported me playing since I was 4 years old, chipping and putting with my dad, and my away club Wanstead. The driving range and my coach Lee Laughlin at Cranfield Golf Academy at Golf Kingdom is nearby too.

Tell us about your family.

It’s just me, my mum and dad and my grand parents nearby. My Nana makes me quite a lot of chocolate cake, my favourite.

What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you over the past year?

I broke my arm last May so badly that it was in a cast from near my shoulder to over my hand, but on my first tournament back I shot under my handicap which amazed me. I was also selected for the Essex Under 14 Squad at 11 years old.

Who are your biggest influences?

My mum and dad. My golf coach Lee Laughlin. Watching Rory McIlroy on tour and Justin Rose winning the Olympics.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I’ll be studying for my A levels and hopefully playing for the England Boys Golf Squad.

How do you relax?

Watching YouTube or TV. I like being outside most of all so meet up with my friends at the range or at the golf club for fun on the putting/chipping greens. We make up our own games.

What makes you smile?

No homework and having fun with my friends at school between classes.

What is your worst habit?

Rushing my mum to get ready and when she is, I start doing something else.

What music motivates you or helps you unwind?

I love Kiss Fresh radio when I’m in the car out with my mum or dad.

Do you have a claim to fame?

I met Henni Goya when I was 6 years old at Golf Live and we had a chipping competition.Henrik Stenson signed my arm cast last year at Wentworth.

Tell us something about you that may surprise us.

I have eight belts in Wado Ryu Karate but stopped training for my brown tag to play more golf. I also play the trumpet and am in my school orchestra, jazz band and brass band and have also played with the Redbridge Music Service at their concerts.

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