Bright Young thing Paul Sullivan from Chigwell

PUBLISHED: 13:34 27 April 2012 | UPDATED: 21:20 20 February 2013

Bright Young thing Paul Sullivan from Chigwell

Bright Young thing Paul Sullivan from Chigwell

Chigwell-based businessman Paul Sullivan tells us about his existing and new projects, some of his likes and dislikes, and an 'annoying' habit

Bright young thing

Chigwell-based businessman Paul Sullivan tells us about his existing and new projects, some of his likes and dislikes, and an annoying habit

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Paul Sullivan and I am an entrepreneur. I own local digital media agency JCK Media UK Ltd ( and I help businesses brand themselves online and also print media. I also have interests in property management and PR.

Where do you live and what do you like about it?
I live in Chigwell. I love living there because of the semi-rural feel of the place. Not too many shops around and Chigwell Parade represents the high street in the area. It has an exclusive feel about living there.

Tell us about your family
Originally my family lived in Londons East End; in fact, my mum still lives there. Im trying to entice her out here but she wont leave. I moved from Bow to Wanstead initially and was there for a few years before moving up to Chigwell, where I have spent the last 5 years. My dad, aunt, uncle and my nan all reside in the
area too.

Tell us more about your business how does it differ from other web design companies?
JCK Media UK predominantly provides website development services as well as online marketing and iPhone and android app development. Our latest e-commerce platform, specific to us, will be launching late April or early May (depending on testing) and thats called Boutique Essex. Its unique because the site acts much like a department store, which enables small boutiques to host their websites within whilst we take care of the marketing
and PR.

What is the most exciting thing to happen to you over the last year?
The last year has been quite amazing. I have really put my head down and made some brilliant contacts and created good opportunities for growth. Alongside the development of our e-commerce platform we also launched my managed, a website which allows landlords to get all the services a lettings management agency offers but for a fraction of the price. Im also getting involved in motorsports.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
In a much bigger property. Id like a house rather than a flat and to possibly move out a little further as I like the countryside and some of the smaller villages around here.

What are your hobbies?
I am a keen sportsman, I really like playing football but havent managed to find a local team, so if anyone is looking for players I also like being creative and enjoy an active social life I have some good friends around me.

How do I relax?
I like to sometimes do nothing at all, just sit and read the paper on a Sunday morning with T4 on the television. Im a film person rather than a soap watcher and like a good thriller.

Who are your influences?
I take my influences from lots of different places. Success and those people working for success are all inspirational people. For someone to build a business from scratch on their own deserves credit; its a big and often rewarding process. Anyone who has that level of dedication deserves respect. Its not an easy thing to do as I have previously found out.

What makes you smile?
Spending time with my nieces and nephew when I get time. They come and stay over occasionally and its a lot of fun.

What is your worst habit?
Ha ha, Im sure there are a few of those, but apparently I have some bad speech habits, like overuse of the word basically. Apparently I start lots of sentences with it and finish with do you know what I mean?

What is your favourite song or piece of music and why?
I have lots of favourites and to single out a single one would be difficult but I like a lot of the old songs. I have favourite songs in all genres.

Do you have a claim to fame?
Once had a drink with Ray Winstone in his pubs garden.

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