Restaurant recommendations in West Essex

PUBLISHED: 16:00 05 September 2016 | UPDATED: 16:14 05 September 2016

West Essex restaurants

West Essex restaurants

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Louise Tarling owner of Louise Tarling Electrical talks to WEL about her love for local dining in Chingford, her husband’s cooking and eating worm omelette in the Territorial Army


Name: Louise Tarling

Company: Louise Tarling Electrical

Where do you live? Chingford

The coffee break

Name of restaurant/café: Cafe Nero

Location: Chingford

Favourite dish? Skinny latte and a flapjack (the skinny element cancels out the flapjack of course!

Who would you take? I would take my mate Sophie, she’s an air hostess who works shifts. It is a good location for both of us, with comfy chairs to enjoy with a good natter.


Name of restaurant: The Front Room

Location: Station Road, Chingford

Favourite dish? Eggs benedict

Who would you take? My friend Donah

What makes this the ideal venue for a midday catch-up?

It is a good location to watch the world go by, with a lively atmosphere and delicious food.

A family meal

Name of restaurant: Table 7

Location: Chingford

Favourite dish? I like to have the calamari starter and the lamb roast on Sundays with a nice glass of Rioja.

Why is this your choice for the whole family? The food is always excellent, the atmosphere is relaxed and the staff are ever so lovely.

Living it up with the girls

Name of restaurant: Mezzo

Location: The Broadway, Woodford Green

Favourite dish? Monkfish shish with special sauce, it is very good.

Why is this venue perfect for parties or special occasions? The staff are so helpful and go out of their way to help you. Recently they even reorganised their tables to fit in extra people who had turned up unexpectedly.

Culinary quick-fire

•What’s your food heaven? My Husband John’s paella. He was given a paella chef family recipe in Spain a few years ago, always reminds me of my Spanish holidays and it tastes so good.

•and hell? My Mum’s cooking, it’s dreadful, don’t worry she knows it! Also offal, just the thought of it, yuck!

•Favourite beverage? Very old school, Martini bianco and lemonade, you can’t beat it in the summer.

•What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? It has to be a worm omelette. I ate it on a survival exercise when I was in the Territorial Army.

•What’s your guiltiest pleasure? A slab of Galaxy milk chocolate, straight out of the fridge, it really hits the spot.

•What must-have is always in your fridge? Davidstow Cornish Crackler mature cheddar cheese for when I absolutely have to have cheese on toast!!

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