4 business rebranding success stories

PUBLISHED: 14:47 15 January 2016 | UPDATED: 14:47 15 January 2016

Social media is innovating business

Social media is innovating business


Do you think it’s time to rethink your brand and boost your business? Check out these business rebranding success stories and be inspired

Sofa DesignSofa Design

New Year is usually a time of change, whether you’re looking to lose some weight or redecorate your home. When it comes to your business January is also the perfect time to freshen up your brand.

Woodford design agency, Promoworx helps businesses develop their brand from bespoke logos to multi-functioning websites. Director, Kate Lewis, says: ‘Branding is invaluable to any business whether it’s a one-man-band or a multi-national corporation. For small businesses in particular, it can make a huge difference to how you’re perceived by customers. Your brand is the way you’re presenting yourself to the world and, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t attend a business meeting in your tracksuit.’

Rebranding does not mean changing your company name or its values. Kate says: ‘It’s about taking what you already have at the core, and building on top to fit with an ever changing social culture, which in turn attracts the ever evolving customer.’

This means even the simplest changes can have huge impact, such as redesigning your business cards, a new focus on social media or an update to your website.

Oak Tree SchoolsOak Tree Schools

Sofa Design in Newbury Park has seen business boom since increasing its social media presence, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, a year ago.

PA Kristie Lilian says: ‘We update our social media every day to showcase our products and services. What we post can vary from a picture of a sofa in situ at a customer’s home to a great shot of our showroom.

‘We’ve worked hard to build up a following and now have 8000 followers on Instagram. The response has been phenomenal, I can post a picture of a new sofa on Saturday morning and, within hours, we’ll receive calls from people expressing interest.’

Kristie says that although the upkeep of Sofa Design’s social media can take time and effort, it has really paid off. ‘We’ve seen what a difference it can make,’ she says: ‘it’s really boosted business. Everyone is on Twitter and Facebook today so it’s a great way to engage with our customers, to build relationships. If you want to compete in today’s marketplace, you really need that social media presence.’

RGB launched its company website in 2002 but the electrical retailer makes sure they refresh it every year. Director, Dennis Digwa explains: ‘It’s so important to keep up to date, and the focus for us is always on providing clear messaging for customers. RGB’s latest revamp, in November last year, made their search options easier, including accessories and has given clients the capacity to book installation online.

Dennis continues: ‘Websites are full of information but it it’s too dense and congested, it can be off-putting for our customers. We try and make sure we keep things as clean, simple and user friendly as possible.’

Promoworx’s Kate suggests that all businesses should sit down at least once a year for a ‘spring clean’ and reflect how they’ve changed. ‘You may, without realising it have shifted focus or client base and it’s vital to check you’re targeting the right people with your marketing,’ she explains. One of the rebrands that has become a necessity is ensuring your website is mobile friendly. Kate says, ‘People usually search for businesses, from restaurants to electricians, while they’re on the go so a mobile friendly site is not just a current trend, it’s vital.’

Hypoxi in South Woodford, which specialises in non-invasive inch loss, has recently revamped its website to reflect how the business has expanded. Owner Sylwia Blackman says: ‘Our site went live in 2009 and we wanted to highlight the fact that we’ve developed so much since then. We’re changing the look of the site, making it more customer friendly and including some of our many success stories.

There’s also a new Hypoxi App offering information about the business and diet guidelines and they’re working to include personal training videos over the next year.

Sylwia says change is vital in attracting new customers and retaining your existing client base. ‘We introduced new machines in 2013, a new range of weight loss products the following year and now the focus is on our website,’ she says. ‘You must keep moving and growing as a business.’

Sometimes a major rebrand is unavoidable when your business is undergoing significant change. When Braeside School in Buckhurst Hill joined Oak Tree Schools in September everything, from signage to its website, was rebranded so it was in keeping with Oak Tree School’s other educational establishments in Epping, North Chingford and Loughton.

Hollie Kennedy, group marketing manager, says: ‘We made changes across the board, from logo and advertising to establishing social media and a website that fits with our other three schools.’

Hollie says that the hard work has paid off and there’s already been a huge amount of interest in Braeside as a result, which was clear from the number of people attending its open day in October.

‘Oak Tree Schools are family run, independent private schools for both preparatory and senior levels,’ she says. ‘We’re a well-known brand in the area, our results are good and we’re popular in terms of admissions. Rebranding Braeside simply extended our reputation.’

Braeside is now run by exactly the same team that head up the other three schools and Hollie said it’s important that it sends out the same message and operates along the same ethos.

She explains: ‘It’s been about rebranding for growth, extending our name as we develop as a business. Whether it’s marketing new products, updating your website or increasing your social media presence, rebranding will take time but, Kate, from Promoworx, says: ‘ it can make a dramatic difference to your business.’

‘I think people now understand the need to be recognised, the power of logos and the importance of social media and online presence. The internet has also made it easier for businesses to check out their competitors and, if you find yourself liking their website better than your own, it’s a sure sign it’s time for an update!’

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