Rescued riding school horses safe at last

PUBLISHED: 12:59 18 March 2016 | UPDATED: 12:59 18 March 2016




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Only a few months after being rescued and rehomed by Remus Horse Sanctuary, the previously evicted ponies from Brook Farm Riding School have settled well.

This came at a time when Remus themselves were financially crippled, the situation only to be made worse by the oncoming of winter. Remus will be providing lifetime care for Candy, Coco, Scotty and Minty and are asking for donations and sponsorship towards the upkeep of the four animals.

All four are now in their later years and each arrived back in September with their own problems and health issues.

Many local youngsters learnt to ride on these ponies and there was very much a community spirit at the Riding School. Following the financial collapse of Brook Farm Riding School, all 12 elderly horses were re-homed and are now safe. Sue Burton, Founder of Remus Horse Sanctuary successfully managed the entire rehoming and relocation process and Remus paid all associated costs as well as providing homes for four of the ponies.

Charity founder, Sue Burton: ‘They are great ponies and really settled, but they are quite old and delicate and we don’t want them getting hurt. The boys are full of themselves and full of mischief. The girls more sedate but devoted to each other.’

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