Me & my pets: Rachelle, Mable & George

PUBLISHED: 14:49 10 April 2017 | UPDATED: 14:49 10 April 2017

Rachelle Bookatz

Rachelle Bookatz


Rachelle Bookatz, owner of Essex Pet Care, talks about her perfect pooches

I always wanted animals when I was growing up. We had two cats in my dad’s shop when we were younger and went through a series of goldfish, but I always craved a dog. Now I have two fantastic dogs - George is a Havanese and Mable is a poodle cross rescue dog.

George is 12 and is a real grumpy old man. He can do what he wants because he is the oldest - he is the dogfather of the house. He’s an old man but we adore him, everyone knows and loves George.

Mable is about six years old now. We got her around five years ago when she was six months old. A friend of mine was running a shelter and she brought her over. We had no idea where she came from. At first I thought I’d foster her and see how that went, but as soon as I had her in my arms I just knew. She needed rescuing and she just fit the bill entirely.

I’d been looking for so long for a little Mable and when she arrived I never looked back. She’s a fantastic dog and we all make the most wonderful team together. She immediately got along really well with George and our other dog Darby, who sadly passed away a few years ago. She was quite shy and polite, and adapted perfectly to our lifestyle as we board dogs in the house for my pet care business.

If I ever get another dog I would definitely rescue again. There are so many dogs that need homes out there, and they really light up your life.

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