Cooper the French Bulldog

PUBLISHED: 12:51 15 September 2016




Megan Elliott, assistant manager and nursery sales co-ordinator at Bababoom in Loughton explains why Cooper is her furry best friend

Megan and CooperMegan and Cooper

When Marilyn Monroe claimed diamonds are a girl’s best friend, she clearly hadn’t interacted with a puppy. Megan Elliott, assistant manager and nursery sales co-ordinator at Bababoom, a pregnancy and birth shop in Loughton, and her two-year-old French Bulldog Cooper are inseparable and it’s easy to see why…

How long have you had Cooper?

I’ve had Cooper since he was eight-weeks-old. I decided to get a new puppy as our family dog passed away and the house just didn’t feel right without a four legged friend. I bought Cooper from a breeder in Essex.

Describe your relationship with Cooper?

Cooper is my partner in crime. He comes to work with me, joins me when I’m delivering customers’ orders and even sleeps at the bottom of my bed. Wherever I am, Cooper is too! He’s my furry best friend, and whatever is going on he’s always by my side.

Does he do any cute or quirky things that make you smile?

He whines until you let him under the duvet. He thinks he’s a little human, and likes to be tucked up in bed with me, especially during winter when it gets a bit chilly.

Britain’s Got Talent famously finds dogs that can dance and do tricks. Does Cooper have any unusual talents?

He hasn’t got any unusual tricks but I have taught him commands such as sit and stay in French.

What is Cooper’s favourite thing to do?

This is easy - sleep, sleep and more sleep! He sure is one lazy doggy but he also loves getting attention from everyone too.

How has Cooper changed you and your lifestyle?

I got Cooper for my 21st birthday and owning any animal comes with a lot of responsibility. I have to make sure he’s not left alone for too long, that he gets regular walks, has plenty of food and is kept up to date with all his vaccinations. I can’t be out all hours of the day anymore but nothing beats coming home to his squishy face!

Do you think you’ll get another pet in the future?

I think Cooper needs a girlfriend - a little female French Bulldog to keep him company.

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