6 tips for revamping your kitchen

PUBLISHED: 15:02 23 January 2020 | UPDATED: 15:02 23 January 2020

Urban Myth kitchens

Urban Myth kitchens


We spoke with Peter Hill, the Senior Designer at West Essex’s Urban Myth, who shared with us his top advice for those about to embark on a kitchen redesign

Iron out all the details

Firstly, think carefully about how you will use the space, your lifestyle and what is important to you. A good way to do this is to write a list of 'must-haves' - this may include appliances that you have your heart set on or additional storage that your current kitchen does not provide. Ultimately lifestyle plays a really important role in any redesign because the kitchen is often the hub of the home where people don't just cook, but also eat, relax and entertain. You'll find that taking time to sit down and consider why your current kitchen isn't working for you will ensure that you get the best new design for your budget.

Don't believe those myths!

Our company name stems from the fact that there are many 'urban myths' associated with kitchen design. For example, many people assume that if you have a traditional home then you should have a traditional kitchen, but we have many happy customers that prove this is not the case. Modern kitchens look fantastic in period homes, I would say even just as good as in contemporary properties. Remember to always make your choices on every aspect of the redesign depending on your budget and what is most important to you in terms of how you will use your kitchen.

Harmonise your home aesthetic

Always think about how your kitchen design will fit in with the rest of your interiors in your home. You'll find that there are some aspects of your home that will dictate the design of your kitchen, for example the shape and size of the space available, especially if you are not extending. Remember most people only change their kitchen every 15 years or more so you need only choose a bold colour or material if you truly love it.

Think of the work triangle

The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator - and this is what is known as the kitchen work triangle concept. The triangle encourages you to think about kitchen layouts that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Here's your chance to consider how you like to cook but also how many people cook and prepare food at the same time, because often food preparation can be a real family affair and you want to make sure your new kitchen accommodates that. Of course different people will work in their kitchen in different ways and so you can adjust the layout to your priorities and needs.

Bring in the experts

When trying to manage your time/money while planning a redesign it may come as no surprise that we would advise getting a kitchen designer involved at the beginning of your project. This is helpful for a few reasons, firstly because any necessary services like plumbing, heating, electrics and ventilation can be addressed by your builder. But also you can then get expert advice to see what is achievable for your budget before you start making any changes or have committed to any layout.

Communication is key

We find the more you can tell your designer the better, so if you know what floor material you want or colours you would like to introduce, then speak up because this can help in the final design specification. Remember to also always be open to ideas from your designers. At Urban Myth we have over 140 years combined experience in designing kitchens, so trust us when we say, there isn't much we don't know about making the most of your space within your budget.


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