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PUBLISHED: 10:00 10 June 2016 | UPDATED: 14:58 10 June 2016

Perfect storage from Harrisons

Perfect storage from Harrisons


Entice the sweetest of dreams with a bedroom you just can’t wait to bundle into, after all it is said that ‘sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together

Rich colours of Moda from DBKRich colours of Moda from DBK

To indulge in pure, unbroken, restful sleep has to be one of life’s great achievements. In a world where we are constantly on-line, plugged in, and switched on it is becoming ever more vital to create a space that is purely for rest.

First of all think about the kind of vibe your bedroom is giving off at the moment, it may be a bit messy and tired, or perhaps over accessorised and bold, neither of which promote peace and tranquillity. Think of this little exercise as ‘bedroom therapy’ and take control of your comfort zone and begin my kicking out the technology!

Relaxing music is fine, but those stressful work emails and reality TV shows are not. Use your rooms as they should be used: living and family rooms for televisions and home offices for computers. You will not switch off if you jump at every little ‘ping’ so banish the boardroom to office hours only.

Ava Grey Brown Avola and Gloss Pumice from HarrisonsAva Grey Brown Avola and Gloss Pumice from Harrisons

Strip it back

And we mean bare necessities only in terms of furniture. This is where you may want to invest in a little professional help to create some fabulous storage solutions that will see all that clutter tucked away in an orderly fashion. Imagine being able to find shoes that match, clothes hanging neatly and crease-free, and socks that have been formally introduced. Not to mention all those accessories you didn’t know you had because they had entered into extended hibernation behind the laundry basket.

Take a look at the huge range of options at Harrisons Kitchens (yes, they have bedrooms too) and DBK Designs where you’ll find ideas that are a world away from the dated fitting bedrooms that often spring to mind. They focus on a stylish, modern appeal mixing natural textures and blending neutral colours with deeper, more luxurious shades.

But the real appeal is with the storage. Because they are made to measure, every awkward little corner can be utilised leaving your sleeping space clutter-free and Feng Shui friendly. We have to admit this walk-in-wardrobe style of bedroom is a work of art and puts into perspective the power of tidy. It can supposedly work wonders for your sleep and overall mind-set making you feel much more in control.

Of course it goes without saying that as we are in February (the month when cupid is on full alert); it may be that a romantic vibe is on the cards. But we don’t want to see even a hint of a satin sheet and these natural tones create wonderful warmth that just cries out for some high-quality cotton bed linen. Duvet day here we come!

But while you’re there – snuggling down into feather-filled bliss – just think how wonderful your bed would look with a tailor-made upholstered headboard, perhaps some complementing cushions, or even a stylish, soft reading chair nestled in the corner. Go the whole hog and get Shades Window Couture in the case. As we all know they are pure genius when it comes to window dressing but are also pretty marvellous with all kinds of soft furnishings too.

Stand and deliver

Whether you call it a night stand or bed-side table, this is a very important piece of furniture and it’s vital that you get it right. It may seem small and insignificant but it is the place where everything you need is kept: your alarm clock, books, water, and bedside lamp. It sits there quietly next to you as you sleep, and is probably the first thing you see when you wake up.

With that in mind make it an object of desire and invest in something really pretty. Think about the height too, you’ll want to reach for things and find them easily. But don’t let it get crowded with unnecessary paraphernalia, if need be have something with drawers to tuck away those things you don’t need at night…and to hide away your i-Phone in the event it made its way upstairs with you for a little night time cuddle!

Just a few little steps to dreamland…

• Put something on the wall behind your bed that will instantly bring a smile to your face and offer a sense of peace as you enter the room

• Consider a theme or colours that make you content, for example nature/forests or coastal/beach tones

• Make the bed itself the cosiest and most comfortable you can afford. You spend a third of your life sleeping so invest in your body and your bed linen

• Ditch the light at night and have the soft glow of a lamp or night light to wind down with. If the morning light wakes you up prematurely make sure your curtains are up to the job with blackout linings

The downside of this little haven you have created is the impact it may have on your ability to obey the alarm clock. But if all else fails take some inspiration from Jarod Kintz (author) and tell your boss: ‘I’m not a very good sleeper. But you know what? I’m willing to put in a few extra hours every day to get better. That’s just the kind of hard-worker I am.’ Who knows, it might just work.

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