Interiors: The importance of good lighting

PUBLISHED: 12:58 04 February 2016 | UPDATED: 12:58 04 February 2016

Lighting is becoming the star attraction

Lighting is becoming the star attraction


Check out our guide on the latest lighting trends. Once upon a time it was just a means to see in the dark, but lighting has emerged in all its glory and is proving to be the shining star that the whole room is built around

Special effects

First of all we marvelled at the electric light, the flick of a switch that gave us a glow without the need for wax or paraffin lamps. Then we thought we were getting clever by introducing pretty fabric shades to cover those utilitarian looking bulbs and Laura Ashley went into over drive. But then things started to get very pretty indeed as the world of lighting suddenly exploded into an art form with even the humble wall light extracting gasps of ooohhh and aaahhh in a manor usually associated with a fireworks display. You only have to look at this fabulous example from One One Three to realise why our passion for the bright stuff continues to grow. Pretty, twinkly glass by day and a veritable display of loveliness by night, it scatters its beams across your walls to create a beautiful sunburst effect. If ever there was a reason to re think your lighting this must surely be it. But don’t take our word for it as this is just one of many options available from this very chic little world of interiors right on our doorstep. Lamps in particular are in abundance with designs that take inspiration from bygone eras to contemporary chrome that will lift any library. Either way they are sure to light up your life.

One One Three 113 Lambourne Road, Chigwell Row, IG7 6EN, 0208 501 2221

Stairway to heaven

Now that we’ve realised there is more to light than just….well, light; we can really make the most of our homes and bring out the best even in the smallest of rooms. For example rooms can be made to look larger with the use of up-lighters to bounce light onto the ceiling and walls, or panels of light at one end can pull the eye along and make it look longer. Vertical light beams make a room look taller, as do pendant lights hung low. And they don’t get much lower than this spectacular chandelier from Inside Job, but then that really depends on the height of your ceiling. But if you are lucky enough to have staircase with sufficient drop-space to accommodate this, then we are actually quite green with envy as it has to be one of our favourite pieces of the season. We can only describe it as a waterfall of crystal, crafted in Italy, and perfectly designed to capture and scatter droplets of light in all directions. Here you can see it is positioned between spotlights to maximise the light effects which really makes the most of the full length of the piece. Now if your staircase is not quite as magnificent all is not lost. The best thing about this particular chandelier is that it can be custom made to any length, although quite frankly we’d be perfectly happy to have it touching the floor!

Inside Job 14-22 Mill Lane, Woodford Green, IG8 0UG, 020 8504 7171

Inside JobInside Job

It’s all about the base

Base level lighting to be precise; after all it doesn’t have to be a show-stopping four-metre drop glass creation to give your room some high-end appeal. Work from the ground up and think about what you can do with lamps; they are extremely versatile as you are not governed by the position of light fittings, and you can really get creative with lamps on different levels. We’re rather taken with this glossy tripod ‘film-set’ style lamp that oozes Hollywood Glamour of a bygone era, and yet somehow manages to add a contemporary vibe. Nestled in a study you’ll be all geared up to channel your inner Ernest Hemingway, or give it pride of place in your living room to sweep a soft spotlight across the floor (red carpet optional). We would expect nothing less from Hatch Interiors who are always totally on trend right down to the finest detail. They chose this look for a Covent Garden apartment – the heart of theatre land - to give it the theatrical appeal that is fitting for its location. But there is nowhere more theatrical than West Essex so indulge yourself in the kind of lighting that will show off your best features!

Hatch Interiors 33 Lea Road, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1AJ, 01992 574488

Tripod lamp from HatchTripod lamp from Hatch

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