Get the Essex look: 4 key interior trends

PUBLISHED: 15:54 26 September 2016 | UPDATED: 09:38 30 September 2016

This incredible colour-pop kitchen from Contemporary Home Design (CHD)

This incredible colour-pop kitchen from Contemporary Home Design (CHD)


New trends may be the latest thing in terms of technology and cutting edge materials, but in terms of styling most things from fashion to home interiors are cyclical and are simply retro ideas that have been reworked…but with fabulous results


There could not be a better example of couture home styling that this incredible colour-pop kitchen from Contemporary Home Design (CHD). We are now more than familiar with the ethos that surrounds CHD; they are pretty much ‘new trends’ personified with state-of–the-art designs that have us all longing for a home revamp.

So it is only fitting that they lead us into our new trends with a vibrant display of bubble-gum pink gorgeousness fit for any West Essex Princess. There is no compromise here; perfect curves of high gloss create a streamlined finish with just a hint of retro glamour. Storage is in abundance leaving surfaces uncluttered, and high-end appliances add just the right amount of ‘serious cook’ appeal that is worthy of any Bake Off wannabe.

But if pink is not your colour feel free to play pick-n-mix at CHD’s sweetie shop of a showroom; choose your colour (or several if the mood takes you), your finish and best of all the fabulous accessories to create your very own little showstopper.

This incredible colour-pop kitchen from Contemporary Home Design (CHD)This incredible colour-pop kitchen from Contemporary Home Design (CHD)


It’s been a while, we’ve been swayed towards simple porcelain with perhaps a hint of a walnut shelf for a bit of support, but now we’re coming back towards something a bit more ‘stand-out’ in our bathrooms.

Clean and contemporary is nothing short of beautiful, easy to clean, and a great blank canvas for an abundance of luxury candles. But even better is adding in a piece that is a bit different to lift the whole the look of your bathroom and add a shot of personality.

The phrase ‘vanity unit’ oozes Victorian charm (complete with ornate jugs of water) or perhaps something salvaged from a grandparent that you couldn’t bear to part from. But take a look at the new designs emerging from those in the know such as The Radiator and Bathroom Gallery.

Always a few steps ahead in heating and bathroom design (remember those stunning art-work radiators and the famous bicycle sink?) they have done it again with a new take on pieces like the vanity unit; this example is a case in point.

The hammered metal top is in perfect contrast to warm dark wood, and the quirky handles and tap almost add a fairy tale finish. There are several designs to choose from to sit perfectly with either a traditional or minimal look; the trouble is they’re almost too pretty to make a splash on.



With the likes of Nigella getting lost among her collection of Kilner jars and several varieties of exotic mushroom, there is one kitchen feature that is making the transition from our grandmothers – skipping a couple of generations – to our new kitchens. Yes the larder is well and truly back. But unlike the days of old when it consisted of nothing more than a largish cupboard with a couple of shelves thrown in, larders are the new must-have in the organised kitchen.

But if you’re going to succumb to the larder, do it properly and enlist the help of Flairline Furniture who are renowned for bespoke interiors without the bespoke price tag. This means space need not be an issue. Once the reserve of a vast room, their larders can be designed to accommodate smaller spaces and in some ways, create a mini kitchen within themselves.

You decide how many shelves, storage boxes, drawers or baskets you need to house everything from store-cupboard staples to crockery and it will all be tucked neatly away behind some very stylish doors, again of your choosing. Work the design in with your whole kitchen or create a striking contrast, either way you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

If Old Mother Hubbard really wanted to live in a cupboard she probably should have had one built by Flairline Furniture!



As we all know with trends, things move on at a pretty rapid pace and none more so than the humble fire place. We’ve pretty much said goodbye to conventional open fires and long gone (thank goodness!) are those electric bar, coal-effect creations that somehow found fame in the 70s.

But we still love a fire for its warmth, ambience and sheer romance; it’s just that we want them a bit more in keeping with our contemporary, technology driven surroundings…and by that we mean no mess, no fuss and beautifully styled.

Thankfully Ash and Embers understand this and have very much moved with – if not ahead of – the times. With virtually carbon-neutral wood burning stoves and high efficiency gas fires that (like this gorgeous model) defy gravity, they offer everything from limestone to timber, glass fronted or even on all four sides, fuel beds with pebbles or coloured crushed glass, and of course those space-saving hole-in-the-wall designs that raise the bar in even the smallest abode.

So as the autumn nights start to draw in cosy up Scandi style with your hot chocolate, box-set, and the soothing flicker of flames. Chimneys no longer required.


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