Dressing windows to add interest in your room

PUBLISHED: 12:33 13 April 2010 | UPDATED: 17:02 20 February 2013

Dressing windows to add interest in your room

Dressing windows to add interest in your room

Addressing how you dress your windows is a simple way to add interest to a room. Charlotte Embling reveals how to style up your window on the world

Its all in the detail...

WITH countless choices available for how to dress the windows of your home, getting the details correct to match the right look to the right room is the key to achieving a stylish appearance. From the clean lines of shutters and blinds to the luxurious swathes of beautiful curtains, there is something out there to complement every room and suit every taste, but when deciding which direction to go in you need to consider your room as a whole to work out which options will be most successful in the space.
It is also wise to consider the practical functions of the window dressing; do you need something that will provide privacy, keep out the cold (or even the heat) or block light? Taking all this into consideration should narrow down your options and make sure you choose the most appropriate products.

Lynda Fellows of Roblyn Interiors in Loughton has noticed a definite move among her customers towards creating beautiful, glamorous window dressings. The key word really is glamour, with swags and tails coming back and everything being decorated with crystals, explains Lynda. At a time when theres still not a lot of money around, people are using their windows to inject some glamour into their homes. It looks particularly good in a fairly plain room where the window dressings are used to bring out the colour of a feature of the room, such as a rug. With a glamorous window you dont need much else and can afford to keep the rest of the room fairly simple.

Many of Lyndas customers are creating this look in a particular way. Roman blinds paired with dress curtains that dont draw all the way across are a very popular look in West Essex at the moment, she explains, and crystals really are everywhere. Lynda has been upholstering pelmets and decorating the leading edges of curtains with Swarovski crystals. Chrome curtain poles with crystal finials have proved popular as have tie backs decorated with crystals. Curtains can add a lot of warmth to a room, both physically by blocking out the cold, and aesthetically. Popular fabrics right now include luxurious velvets, silks and crushed and plain chenilles.

Colour wise it seems that the browns, and to a lesser extent creamy whites, are losing ground to deep aubergines and duck egg blues which look wonderful in the decadent fabrics being used.
But if this doesnt float your boat then have no fear, Shades Window Couture are at the other end of the spectrum and are finding that many people are still going for a cleaner, more minimalistic look.

Shades Steve Willsdon explains: Blinds are still proving incredibly popular, especially wooden venetian blinds. Shutters are also everywhere at the moment and are one of our most popular options.

Venetian blinds are incredibly versatile products that look great in any room. On a practical note they are easy to use and are brilliant for providing privacy while still allowing a large amount of light into a room. Shades have recently introduced what Steve describes as an, innovative new product, 70ml slat metal Venetian blinds which come in a variety of stunning colours to give any room a clean, contemporary look.

The use of shutters is another trend that is seeing no sign of waning. They are also incredibly versatile and suit most windows. You can use them to cover the bottom half of the window on rooms at ground level to create privacy or use them to cover the full height of tall windows for a contemporary, clean look.

Steve has noticed grey become an incredibly popular colour for window dressings and to stop it looking cold and utilitarian it is being highlighted with strong colours such as yellow and deep pinks. There is also still a market for quite natural colours that complement the simple, clean look blinds impart to a space.

Top window dressing tips

Look at the style of your window and think about the function you want
your window dressing to perform

Think about how your windows will look from the outside, a lot of people like to use the same products at the front of the house for consistency

If you love glamour, there is no better time to update your windows with luxurious materials and lashings
of crystal

If your tastes veer towards minimalism, this is still a look that is incredibly popular with products and colours that will enhance any room

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