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PUBLISHED: 12:29 17 May 2011 | UPDATED: 19:24 20 February 2013

Colonial Kitchens & Bedrooms

Colonial Kitchens & Bedrooms

Once the reserve of Hollywood royalty, dressing rooms conjure up images of the jet-set life, but they are now much in demand often taking precedence over a spare bedroom

What could be more glamorous? OK, so you could push the boat out and put in a bid for Balmoral but its far easier to create a luxurious room for your wardrobe and all that goes with it in the space you have. Imagine, clothes hanging beautifully in seasonal areas, colour co-ordinating, and rows upon rows of fabulous shoes that were previously shunned to the dark depths of a cardboard box somewhere at the back.

The great thing about giving your clothes and accessories the respect that they deserve is that you will be able to see them, find them and wear them. Things you forgot you had will emerge in all their glory and give you a new lease of life without buying anything new.

As we are no longer obsessed with the number of bedrooms and more concerned with square footage, dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes are coming into their own. In larger properties they are pretty much expected and in smaller ones they are a bonus and a selling point. Dont imagine you need to have an enormous space either. With clever drop downs and pull outs shirts can be hung eight to the space of two and more use can be made of height and depth. Mark Kelly of Colonial has seen an upsurge in the demand for innovative storage solutions, the more the better. He said People have far less fear now about experimenting, not only with storage ideas but also with colour and finish. Because dressing rooms are light use rooms, it isnt so important to invest in expensive materials like solid wood. Instead the money can be used to play around with quirky, individual ideas without breaking the bank. Colonials popular finishes are high gloss in exotic colours like Japanese Pear (pictured below). They also offer a colour matching service where they can take a piece of fabric or an object and match the finish to an exact shade.

Simon Taylor of Cube Bespoke Furniture Designers has had requests ranging from secret doors that are wallpapered to blend in, to Japanese Shoji screens. But by far the most popular requests are for extensive shoe racks and hidden safes.
As well as your wardrobe space, consider areas such as your floor, this is a perfect space to add some extra glamour with plush carpets in rich, sumptuous colours. Revel in your space in peace! Who needs the clack clack of heels on hard floors when you want to enjoy your dressing time? Keep it soft, full of luxury and add an exotic chaise longue or an unusual chair to bring out your personality, and to casually drape with a gorgeous silk wrap whilst you pick out your outfit of the moment.

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