A culinary art

PUBLISHED: 10:58 15 November 2010 | UPDATED: 18:10 20 February 2013

A culinary art

A culinary art

The heart of any home, Robyn Richards discovers why a great kitchen design can add value to both your life and your property

The kitchen is the central point of any home, where families gather to grow closer and share their lives with one another, where people seem to congregate at parties and where the owner can really show off their true personality.

Choosing the right kitchen for your lifestyle is paramount, but when there are so many opportunities to explore, where do you begin to make the most of your space?
A kitchen designer can really help to work out all these decisions of what you want in your kitchen and make your dream space a reality. Jon White, of interior design specialists Anderson Sinclair, advocates the benefits of using a professional kitchen designer to help plan for your needs.

A design for life
The benefit of a kitchen that is designed for you is that there is a more creative use of space and is designed around you. We try to create a flow within a kitchen, so that there are areas for preparation, cooking, cleaning and socialising, in a way that makes sense of the space. The flow of the kitchen is very useful, he explains. When you get a kitchen designed by a specialist who knows whats important to you and how much you want to spend, its easier to allocate certain parts of the budget to where you want it most.
To make your kitchen work best for you, be aware of how your room will be used when choosing appliances. If youre a cook you need fantastic appliances that will dominate space, but if you have other priorities that space can be used differently, says Jon.
Oliver Davies, design and marketing manger at Urban Myth, agrees. We have to consider every aspect of someones lifestyle when designing their kitchen. Do they have very young children? There are some great safety features that you can get now, such as pin or card operated locks on drawers, so that children cant get to sharp objects; triple plated glass on ovens so theres no chance of burning a wandering finger. We really listen to our clients and establish what they want from their kitchen then we can start designing.
Changing your kitchen is an expensive and time-consuming experience, so having one that lasts is vital. Oliver suggests that the most fashionable and contemporary kitchens are those that are bold enough to avoid the trends.
Some trends can date very quickly, like the 70s fashion for orange and brown units, he says. We recommend staying with magnolias and neutrals colours that look clean and dont date quickly.

Lasting fashion
Jon explains that wood tops and colourful glass doors are big current sellers, but adds that if you choose keep your kitchen unit neutral, you can easily work in seasonal trends into walls and accessories. He says: I would advise anyone looking for lasting fashion to invest in a neutral coloured kitchen, and add a splash of colour on walls and doors to tap into the latest styles. The truth is that fashion trends come and go so quickly, and it is far easier to put new paint on doors and walls than to replace the entire kitchen.
The space, style and functionality of your kitchen can have a real impact on how you use your home, and the intrinsic value of your house, as well as its saleability on the property market.
Getting a brand new kitchen will not automatically add any value to your house, explains Oliver, What it will do, however, is make your house far more attractive to potential buyers. A buyer will see a beautiful kitchen in a house they like and realise that its a large job that they wont have to do.
Kitchen design is so specialised,
Jon adds. Even architects will often
just leave a space and advice clients to see a specialist kitchen designer, because of our knowledge of any legal issues, and due to the sheer
range of choice available.

Top Tips

Work out your budget and decidewhat aspects of the kitchen are most important to you. This will help youallocate the money you have.

What do you use your kitchen for? High-tech appliances are no good if you are busy and prefer to makequick meals

Dont underestimate good design. Akitchen specialist can help you makethe most of your space and budget, and will usually create your designfree of charge

Update your kitchen every couple of years; even adding a new splash ofcolour to the walls will keep yourkitchen looking fresh and fashionable

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