4 interiors tips for enjoying the summer but keeping out of the rain

PUBLISHED: 11:36 29 July 2016

Shades Window Couture

Shades Window Couture


As the saying goes ‘Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.’ It may be inevitable, but a bit of planning will keep those summer showers exactly where they should be, seen and not felt!

Associated GlassAssociated Glass


Stepping from indoors to outdoors has become all the more appealing as patios doors have come of age. We began with huge sliding creations that emitted a resounding ‘whoosh!’ on opening or closing, then progressed to more gentile French doors with more scope for pretty design. But if you’re seriously thinking about an entry point to the outside world there is nothing quite like bi-folds to create a truly wide-open space that is seamless.

Modern, effortless and graceful bi-fold doors are very modern and extremely elegant in the way they function. But this is not a product to cut corners on and we can’t shout loud enough about getting the right expertise to help you with your choice. Our advice is to take a look at the offerings from Associated Glass. A local family run company since 1989; they have a reputation for excellent customer service and expert industry advice.

Go for any number of door combinations that can open as single units or quite literally take the back off your home. Why settle for half measures? Embrace the elements whatever they throw at you knowing you can always shut them out - but still keep the outside vibe.

Associated Glass

11 Forest Road, Loughton IG10 1EB. 020 8508 3821

T-Space ArchitectsT-Space Architects

Room with a view

We may not be blessed with months of balmy sunshine, but there are so many aspects of our great British weather that are often overlooked. Instead of scowling at the drizzle, take a moment to feel warm and cosy as you watch tiny droplets attach to spider webs like little diamond necklaces. Or watch a dramatic thunder storm instead of burying your head in your smart phone.

As wishy-washy as it may sound, nature can have a profoundly calming effect on us, especially in a world where we never switch off. But of course it’s difficult to notice these things if we’re constantly huddled within four walls…unless we create a room (or several) with the perfect view. It doesn’t have to look over an ocean or rolling hills, your garden will do just fine; all you need to decide on is exactly how much glass you can get away with.

This is where T-Space can help. This very distinctive piece of architecture is one of their wonderful creations and embraces rain and shine in all their glory with top to bottom glass. And they love a challenge, so whatever it is you imagine; we’re pretty sure they can build. Just be considerate to the spiders!

The Corner House

2 Grove Park, London, E11 2DL. 020 8989 7180

London Essex Hot TubsLondon Essex Hot Tubs

Hot house

So what happens when you’re happily chilling out in your fabulous new little spa pool from London Essex Hot Tubs and the heavens open? Well you could just go with the flow and say ‘I’m wet already so no problem.’ Or you could turn your garden into a tropical oasis complete with a perfect little residence for your tub.

But why stop there? The hot tub is just the start (although undoubtedly the star of the show), add a bar area, or perhaps some AV equipment, in fact whatever you fancy to make your British garden far more storm friendly and akin to those in sunnier climes.

This really is the effortless approach to a holiday at home this summer, or any time of the year. Whether your downtime is relaxing in the sunshine or recreating an apres ski vibe, London Essex Hot Tubs will design your spa surroundings to embrace the elements…whatever they decide to throw at you.

London Essex Hot Tubs

Unit 13 Oakwood Hill Industrial Estate, Loughton, IG10 3TZ. 020 3150 1503

Shadows Window CoutureShadows Window Couture

Put others in the shade

Some of us are sun- gods and goddesses but some us simply melt and blister without a liberal coating of factor 50 and a wide brimmed hat large enough to receive a satellite signal. For the latter there is a saving grace, two actually: first of all you’ll get fewer wrinkles, and secondly the stylish awnings from Shades Window Couture were designed for us.

Colours and fabrics are endless but most importantly awnings can be manually operated or motorised with sun and rain controls, so that they come out when it’s sunny and automatically retract in strong winds – perhaps we can recommend some similarly smart ideas to our transport system, we can guarantee these won’t break down due to a few leaves.

And if you want a few bells and whistles added, options include lighting and heating to give you a garden for all weathers…the sun won’t last forever but the time spent in your garden can last a lot longer.

Shades Window Couture

54 Larkshall Road, Chingford, E4 6PD. 020 8498 5818

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