4 breathtaking renovation ideas

PUBLISHED: 15:10 10 June 2016

Hatch Interiors kitchen renovation

Hatch Interiors kitchen renovation


We have selected four renovation ideas for your house to make this year that little bit more special. From beautiful bathrooms to elegant kitchens, we have something for you

Loft conversion by T-SpaceLoft conversion by T-Space

Project Perfect

It’s often difficult to see the woods for the trees when working with a small space. We automatically assume little can be done to realise its true potential but that’s when our professionals really come into their own. Imperial Build is one such company whose vision seems endless and this beautiful bathroom is a perfect example; a drab, lifeless space that is pretty uninspiring and not exactly the sanctuary we all dream of. But the outcome goes beyond all expectation with luxurious materials in warm, inviting colours that make you want to soak away an exhausting day and relax into bubble heaven. Imperial Build’s ethos is all about an elegant finish where attention to detail is paramount. From a box room to a vast extension, property refurbishment is their thing and their portfolio speaks volumes about their experience. But going back to bathrooms, our tastes continue to fuel a demand for more than one as we find it so unappealing to fight for the shower in the mornings. En-suites are pretty much an expectation so if space permits; consider slicing off part of a bedroom to create one. As you can see here, it doesn’t have to be massive to be majestic.

Hatching a Plan

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when you have a property that is in need of some tender loving care from top to bottom. This is where Hatch Interiors come into its own as they are pretty much a one-stop shop for all things interior. From show homes to your home its diverse team will guide you through your project with ease and create a beautiful living space like this fabulous open plan kitchen/family room. Kitchens are always a great place to start, especially if you have the scope to stretch the concept into something bigger and more sociable. But the icing on the cake is surely the value-add and a survey by the National Association of Estate agents last year revealed that a third of respondents suggested a kitchen added the best value. It seems the heart of our homes is the first place a viewer will consider in their search for the perfect property, with open-plan designs still topping many a wish-list. With its own team of designers, joiners and upholsterers the whole ‘operation kitchen’ by Hatch will be seamless. And with a specialist sister company providing luxury kitchens, stone and ceramics, everything will fit into place very nicely: on time, on budget, and on wow-factor.

Going Rococo Loco

As our tastes become more and more sophisticated, home trends follow suit and we are constantly looking for new ways to relax, recuperate, or just add a heavy dose of style that brings as smile to our faces. We’ve seen everything from fabulous dressing rooms to state-of-the-art home offices, but the biggest buzz at the moment must surely be around home entertainment; more specifically cinema rooms. Forget trekking out in the cold and dark in search of over-sugared popcorn and a fidgety teen kicking the back of your seat, bring the experience to your own front door and sit back in comfort. With over 20 years of expertise in this field look no further than Rococo Systems to design the perfect experience within your budget. From a full-on dedicated home theatre to a discreet hidden cinema in your lounge (or even garden!), they have it all with the latest technologies from the market leaders. Add lighting for the perfect mood or indulge in a star ceiling for some real opulence, but whatever your choice, you’ll know that the result will be very impressive indeed. So much so, we think the real value-add is that you’ll be able start charging for tickets!

Down to a T

Creating more square footage within your home is always favourable in terms of adding value. So if you can’t go outwards consider going upwards! Loft conversions continue to go from strength to strength when it comes to adding rooms; not only do they give that much-needed extra space, they take away the hassle and expense of moving in order to find it. It’s not necessarily an extra bedroom you need, with a family growing up fast you may opt for a little piece of quiet space for yourself to avoid the constant hum of technology. Or perhaps create the perfect ‘playroom’ and reclaim your lounge for the grown-ups. Either way it’s not all about white plasterboard walls and spotlights; make this a project to be proud of and think outside the box. Just because a loft is tucked away doesn’t make it any less of a feature and you could do something really special with a little help and advice. Bring on T-Space Architects whose whole ethos is geared around ‘free thinking’ home design to give you a truly tailored living space. Take this incredible loft conversion for instance; it bucks every conventional trend to make the most of the impressive original features. The result is sympathetic to a period building with a contemporary twist perfect for modern living. Job done.

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