Spring Fever

PUBLISHED: 11:12 08 March 2015 | UPDATED: 18:44 08 March 2015




As we (hopefully) wave goodbye to winter it’s time to realise it can’t be put off any longer. Don the woollies and wellies and take that tentative step into your garden

IF YOU’RE one of those who kept up the maintenance throughout the cold, soggy months you’ll have nothing more to worry about than bringing the mower out of hibernation. But if you’ve been in denial and allowed it to just do its own thing (after all, nothing much happens out there in winter…does it?) then there might just be a few battles to prepare for.

You may not be knee deep in foliage as things most definitely slow down during the winter, but as a little warmth touches the soil greenery will suddenly come to life and before you know it there is no way out of the back door without the need for a chainsaw.

Be kind to yourself! This is definitely a situation where a little bit of professional intervention can help…just to get you back on track and ready to deal with the pretty things. Specialist gardeners such as Turnabout Landscapes and The 4th Room have the fundamental elements to bring your garden back to its former glory: people who love gardening, and plenty of industrial strength tools to get the job done quickly.

They know when a spot of hand-pruning is needed for a more gentle approach to perfect shrubs, and they won’t run riot over your prized roses with a hedge-trimmer. Your lawn will be de-mossed and fed a big dose of greenery nutrition, and any storm-damaged trellis and fencing can be repaired and re-coated ready for another season.

Better by design

There is no denying a good tidy up will make a big difference and you can’t help but smile as spring bulbs start to push through the soil with an abundance of much awaited colour. But maybe this is the year to invest in something completely different and re-work your garden.

As with any kind of home design gardens also follow trends. Looks are becoming more contemporary with the use of stone and concrete and more exotic plants are being cultivated for our climate. It’s not, however, quite as simple as picking out a new shade of paint and a sofa. Your choices will be soil and light dependent and will also rely on your commitment to keeping it all healthy and flourishing. But spring is all about new ideas so get some advice from the professionals, Turnabout your old garden and make it a real 4th Room.

For real wow factor think about throwing some lighting into the mix too. Not for us a few randomly placed solar balls from the local DIY, we mean lights that add drama, ambience and make your garden a talking point. If it is really going to be an extension of your home that warm glow and pretty twinkles will entice you to make more use of it.

But do speak to the experts at Garden London Lighting. You have the elements (especially rain) to consider and this needs professional attention. With everything from electrical installations, compliance, and state-of the-art remote control systems, they have it all covered so you need never worry about being left in the dark again.

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