Me & my pets: Cherie & Harry

PUBLISHED: 12:05 27 June 2017 | UPDATED: 12:05 27 June 2017

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Sophie Allport

Cherie Nash, who runs Chingford based Logo This, on her fun-loving, carrot-munching horse

Vet's CornerVet's Corner

Harry was originally from Ireland and he’s now 10 years old. He had the name when I got him, and as it’s unlucky to change a horse’s name we stuck with it and to be honest, it really suits him. He’s stabled in High Beech, from where we love to go walking and galloping in the forest. It can be very tranquil, but also exciting and fun. It really is my favourite thing to do with him. Afterwards I’ll feed him apples at the Biker’s Café in High Beech. Aside from apples, he also loves carrots and would munch on them all day if he could. In fact, he gets really cross at not being allowed to eat whilst he’s being ridden.

But Harry is a big softie at heart and likes nothing better than flirting with the lady horses. He loves being the centre of attention and has this funny habit of blowing raspberries if he’s being ignored. I’m always making a fuss of him though. I’ve always loved horses but I couldn’t afford one until I was 41 - he was well worth waiting for. He is such great fun, but ultimately he knows I’m in charge!

As well as Harry, I also have two Cocker Spaniels called Stoli & Bolli. Stoli is bright as a button, Bolli is daft but very lovable. But they both love Harry. We all walk in the forest together like a pack and they love pinching Harry’s carrots.

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Vet’s corner:

Goddard Veterinary Group on pet passports

You need a pet passport for your dog, cat or ferret if they will be travelling to the UK from an EU country or another country the UK accepts pet passports from or from the UK to a listed or unlisted country and then returning to the UK. The passport, whose main purpose is to keep the UK free from Rabies and other foreign diseases, will list the different treatments your pet has had. You can usually obtain one from your vet. You will need to take your pet, proof of identity, microchip details, vaccination records and any rabies blood test results (if applicable) when you get a pet passport.

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The Passport does not have a section for a “valid from” date - the date from which the Passport can be used to enter or re-enter the UK is calculated as being 21 days after the pet was vaccinated against rabies.

To check whether you are travelling to an EU or listed non-EU country or an unlisted non-EU country (this tends to be more complicated) visit:

Cherie & HarryCherie & Harry

Further details are available at

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