8 ideas for Easter family fun at home

PUBLISHED: 14:31 06 April 2020 | UPDATED: 14:41 06 April 2020

There are plenty of Easter activities you can do at home (photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/evgenyatamanenko)

There are plenty of Easter activities you can do at home (photo credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/evgenyatamanenko)


Don’t let the coronavirus ruin Easter: here’s how to enjoy it with all the family at home

Create and then tuck into a host of Easter treatsCreate and then tuck into a host of Easter treats

Easter crafts

Easter and crafting just seem to go hand in hand. The Internet is full of ideas for seasonal crafts to keep the whole family happy, be they pom-pom or egg carton chicks, homemade daffodils or even Easter bunny bunting. There’s options for everyone from babies to adults, meaning the whole family can have a go, and when you’re finished, you’ll have plenty more Easter decorations to boot. Roll up your sleeves and have a go — you might just discover a whole new talent!

Make Easter nests

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without these scrummy concoctions of chocolate goodness — and better still, they’re so easy to make! The main ingredients for these cakes of sorts are breakfast cereal, chocolate and mini chocolate eggs for decoration — and although the chocolate is melted over a hob, the cakes don’t require baking in an oven, making them an ideal family-friendly recipe. Once you’ve made them and they’ve had time to set in the fridge, 
why not arrange them on a cake stand or plate, complete with Easter decorations, for full-on decadent deliciousness?

Decorate the house

Who says that you can only decorate your home at Christmas? Kids will love getting the house ready for Easter with items like ornamental Easter eggs, spring flowers, chick and rabbit figurines and even an Easter egg tree. By the time they’re finished, it will really feel as if spring has sprung. Alternatively, if you feel like unleashing your household’s artistic side, why not get creative and make your own decorations?

Bake hot cross buns

Hot cross buns are an Easter staple, and there’s plenty of history and tradition surrounding them. English folklore features many superstitions concerning the spiced buns traditionally consumed on Good Friday, one being that buns baked and served that day won’t spoil or grow mouldy during the subsequent year. Another is that if hot cross buns are hung in the kitchen, they are said to guard against fires and ensure that all breads turn out perfectly. The standard recipe features strong bread flour, yeast, butter and full fat milk, with raisins or sultanas, cinnamon, eggs and orange zest added in too.

Hold an Easter egg hunt

An egg hunt is a fab thing to do, so why not help the Easter Bunny out and host your very own in your house or garden? Get creative and have a think about the ingenious places you can hide eggs for your family to find. Then, come Easter Sunday or another day close to the holiday, set your intrepid adventurers loose — be they big or small — and watch their faces light up as they discover the treats. Another option is to leave a trail of clues around the house or garden that lead your little treasure-seekers to a lovely prize at the end of their hunt.

Decorate Easter biscuits

These delectable snacks are a real British tradition. Conventionally given to guests on Easter Sunday, they actually originate from the West Country. The most traditional forms consist of a round fruited shortcake, usually with spices like cinnamon — the practice of creating Easter biscuits in springtime shapes (decorated with sugar ice and the like) is more recent.

Making Easter biscuits is a great thing to do with the family as they can be decorated in so many different ways. Pastel colours are great for this time of year, though alternatively, you could let the kids take control of the decorating and wait to see what they come up with! Another option is to buy readymade biscuits and get decorating those instead.

Host your own Easter bonnet parade

Calling all fashionistas! With Easter bonnet parades popular around this time of year, why not make your own at home? Plain Easter bonnets are easy to get to hold of and they can then be decorated with all manner of Easter decorations — lambs, rabbits, chicks, you name it! Get the whole family to make a hat and when you’re finished, you can turn the living room into a catwalk, with everybody taking a star turn to show off their creation.

Create a festive flower arrangement

Spring flowers are a wonderful sight to behold after a long winter, and having them in your home at Eastertime will bring just as much joy. Seasonal flowers include tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and the symbolic white Easter lily. Set your household to work creating arrangements using the above — it’ll get kids learning more about nature and they might even discover a whole new interest. Once your flower arrangements are complete, you can place them around the house or have them adorning your Easter table.

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