The unknown dangers of bad tyres: here’s how to stay safe

PUBLISHED: 17:52 16 March 2020 | UPDATED: 17:52 16 March 2020

Jet Wheel Tyre offers everything you need to make your car safe to drive

Jet Wheel Tyre offers everything you need to make your car safe to drive


Jet Wheel Tyre offers some invaluable advice on tyres and ensuring your car remains road worthy

In today’s competitive era, we tend to ignore things and they ultimately become cause of worry for us later. Negligence towards tyre care is the perfect example of this. When we decide to buy a car, we have to go through the drill of financial planning and once we start driving, we try to keep the costs down. There is no problem with this except for one: sometimes we try to cut corners from things which can become problematic later. We opt for frugal ways of buying second hand tyres or skipping our tyre assessments from a professional garage, just to stay under our budget. This gives birth to bigger issues, especially when you are driving in Essex where roads become extremely congested (Malden Road, Todd Lane or Middle Side Road etc.)

Here is a list of some sinister aspects that come along with continuing the use of partially or fully worn out tyres:

Higher likelihood of punctures

If your tyres are already depreciated, you will be more prone to punctures. This is not just an expense, but also adds cash outflow and other domains of your life will suffer. For instance, you are trying to reach somewhere for a business meeting and you end up with a flat tyre in the middle of the road. What a shame!

Compromise braking ability

As tyres provide essential road grip, if your worn out tyres have to stop abruptly when you put the braking system to use, the outcome may sometimes not be favorable. You won’t be able to properly apply brakes and this can act as a stimulant for a serious accident.

Law implications

UK Law has set standards and all drivers have to conform to them. With worn out tyres, there are issues like illegal tread depth and if you are caught a heavy fine will be imposed on you. This will be a source of discomfort for you and eventually you will have to invest in new tyres.

Winter grip slips

In Essex, when the weather is transitioning, you need to stay safe on the road because driving in wet conditions can cause the vehicle to lose its balance. If you are with the wrong tyres, your car won’t be able to remain steady. One way to combat this is to choose to buy winter tyres – which are actually speciality tyres designed for extreme weather.

Loss of tyre pressure

Tyre pressure is important because if you are going over the desired level your tyres will become over-inflated. If pressure is lesser than the requirement, you will not have enough pressure and the performance will suffer.

Pro Tip: Want to buy new tyres but don’t know what to do?

It is never advised to invest in second hand tyres – no matter how tempting it may seem to you. You should always think on the lines of buying the right tyres and always choose someone trust worthy to do the job.

Now the difficult part is how to choose a fitter who is reliable. There are many local fitters sitting in every local area of Essex and you can decide where to go after reading their customer reviews and running a background check on them. For example, Basildon has many options available. One such company to buy tyres in Basildon is JWT and you can check their website here. Good thing with them is that they have been in existence since 1990!

Same theory applies to all other areas in Essex and wen youh make up your mind to buy, don’t just keep “pricing” as the only factor in your decision. But you should look at other things like, will you get tyre fitting, do they offer mobile fitting service etc?

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