The spice of life: Patpong

PUBLISHED: 13:40 03 April 2017 | UPDATED: 13:40 03 April 2017

Pat pong dish

Pat pong dish


For twenty five years North Chingford’s Patpong restaurant has delivered the finest Thai cuisine, just like its Bangkok namesake

Pat pong dishPat pong dish

Immortalised in a James Bond chase sequence, Bangkok’s Patpong night market has quite a reputation in the Thai capital. It boasts a wide variety of international eateries which include authentic Thai street food at its very best.

Bringing the same level of authenticity to the UK was by no means an easy transition, but the Patpong restaurant has surpassed expectations to to deliver just that. Enter the North Chingford eatery and you’ll be ensconced in Thai tradition, from the beautiful silks of the staff uniforms to the fragrant aroma of exotic spices.

It has been 25 years this spring since Patpong first opened its doors but the demand for its cuisine is undiminished. Many restaurants have come and gone during this period (not only on Station Road, but across the whole of West Essex) however Patpong has always maintained such consistent standards that its customers never seem to tire of the dishes on offer.

Creating the classics

Indeed there has been little change to the menu over the years and there is a very good reason for that: we all love them just the way they are. The ever popular red and green curries carry the perfect chilli kick and the sticky rice is pure heaven, soaking up all that wonderful coconut based sauce.

The seafood is exquisite; seabass baked with lemongrass, garlic and chilli is divine, as are the Thai basil and chilli prawns. But if you’re a bit of a carnivore we highly recommend the marinated tamarind duck, or the melt-in–the-mouth Thai Massaman beef curry in a rich coconut sauce with peanuts.

In celebration of their quarter century, this year will bring some new surprises to the menu that will include lamb, a popular meat in Thailand – giving us the perfect excuse to once again book a table or order a cheeky take-away.

But don’t just take our word for it. Online reviews consistently show scores of 10/10* from diners citing the authenticity of the food and excellent service. Quotes such as ‘Amazing food; perfectly cooked and presented’ and ‘I’d eat here every day if I could’ are just a couple of examples.

Festival fever

If we still haven’t done enough to entice you through the doors of Patpong then perhaps the allure of a festival will help. April is the month of Songkran (meaning transformation or change), the traditional

Thai New Year’s Day.

This legendary festival of water usually entails friendly water fights amid Thailand’s scorching heat, but rest assured it will be rather more low-key at Patpong! The festival falls mid-April so you can expect traditional Thai temple dancers, a golden Buddha with a water blessing, and beautiful flowers in abundance. So if you’ve fallen off the wagon with your original New Year’s resolutions (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), this is your perfect chance to climb back on, and indulge in healthy, yet satisfying food, with a big pinch of spice thrown in for good measure.


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