Strange dishes: Tried and tasted

PUBLISHED: 14:24 15 January 2016 | UPDATED: 14:30 15 January 2016

Goat's head soup?

Goat's head soup?


Lolli Kimpton from the recently launched furniture interiors, One One Three, in Chigwell, talks to WEL about her love for delicious local food in Wanstead and eating goat’s head soup

The Coffee Break

Name of restaurant/café: Nice Croissant

Location: Wanstead

Favourite dish? I just have a Cortado coffee

Who would you take? My dog Buster

What makes this place perfect for a much-deserved break? Good coffee and I can sit outside with my dog


Name of restaurant: Caesar Palace Cafe

Location: Wanstead

Favourite dish? I have Omelette and salad, which is the best with chicken shish

Who would you take? My husband or local friends

What makes this the ideal venue for a midday catch-up? It is a little café, which provides great service and really good food

A Family Meal

Name of restaurants: Purbani in the weekend Singburi Thai café in the week

Location: Purbani in Wanstead and Singburi Thai café in Leytonstone

Favourite dish? The soft shell crab from Singburi is delicious

Why is this your choice for the whole family? Just going out as a family is the main objective, we go to lots of restaurants in town but these are local choices

Business Dinner

Name of restaurant: Alec’s Restaurant Bar and Grill

Location: Brentwood

Favourite dish? Is the starter of Crispy soft shell crab on baby gem with sweet chilli sauce

Who would you take? Clients

What make this venue a deal clincher? The great service and the view

Living it Up

Name of restaurant: Provender

Location: Wanstead

Favourite dish? Anything from the set menu

Who would you take? Family and my lovely husband

Why is this venue perfect for parties or special occasions? Very professional, great service, lovely atmosphere and delicious food

Culinary quick-fire

What’s your food heaven? Thai dishes or a good piece of fish

… and hell? Carvery

What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? Frogs legs, goats head soup (at Easter in Greece it is a speciality)

Favourite alcoholic beverage? Gin Martini or a Pinot Noir

What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Always chocolate, however there are many choices

What must-have is always in your fridge? Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, Gluten Free bread, Champagne Wine and water. Sometimes chocolate

Winter food must-have? Various casseroles

Christmas treat? Oysters and Champagne late morning

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