Fine dining for everyone at Louie Pauls Bistro

PUBLISHED: 16:28 17 October 2016

Fine dining for everyone

Fine dining for everyone


Louie Pauls Bistro is undergoing a revamp, from its décor to its menu, but one thing won’t change, the focus on fresh, quality ingredients.

Fine dining for everyoneFine dining for everyone

Owner, Darren Floyd, says: ‘Our mission is to provide the best food in the area, from bacon sandwiches to fresh lobster and everything in between. We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients.

‘It’s about a quality dining experience that doesn’t cost the earth. I believe excellent food should be accessible to everyone.’

This Loughton bistro boasts a wide-ranging menu where classic dishes sit alongside modern, innovative fare. Just six months after taking over, Darren’s signature dish, pan seared scallops aboard fresh bubble and squeak, topped with bacon and served with a mixed leaf salad and a drizzle of balsamic reduction, is already a firm favourite.

Another popular choice is the traditional chicken burger, a fresh butterflied breast in a crisp homemade crumb served on a brioche bun with salad and a tomato slice.

With a breakfast menu available all day, and a recently reintroduced Sunday Roast, Darren is keen to ensure variety for each and every customer.

‘A roast is always popular but not everyone wants it at 1pm on a Sunday,’ he says. ‘We’ll still offer the main menu too. Whatever you want, whenever you want it, we aim to please.’ Along with a new interior and improved kitchen, Darren is also working with a well-known, Michelin starred chef on his existing menu and is also looking to introduce some dishes for the more health-focused customer. ‘We strive for excellence and we’re always looking to improve.’

Louie Pauls aims to offer a warm, welcoming environment, ensuring every visitor enjoys their experience.

Darren is particularly passionate about the quality of children’s food in restaurants, opting to avoid the traditional menu for younger visitors and offer, instead, smaller versions of almost all the dishes on his menu.

He says: ‘Why shouldn’t kids get the same quality as adults? Too often Mum and Dad are enjoying a fresh, delicious meal while children are given limited choices and, not always, the best standard of food.

‘We’ll make our younger guests pretty much anything from our menu and, if they insist on chicken nuggets, it will be freshly sliced chicken breast coated in homemade breadcrumbs.’

Darren has always been passionate about cooking and food. Last year he left a career in the building industry to pursue that passion.

He explains: ‘My mum put me forward for a TV cooking show 11 years ago but she passed away the week before the audition so I never went. She really believed in me and it’s nice to be proving her right.’

His mum wasn’t alone in her support. Darren quit his job after his own boss, a good friend, told him he should.

Darren says: ‘He used to come for dinner most Friday nights and one evening he told me I needed to cook for a living. I handed in my notice two weeks later and I’ve no regrets.

‘It’s hard work, but I absolutely love cooking and, above all, seeing happy customers leave my restaurant.’

Louie Pauls

262 High Road, Loughton IG10 1RB

020 8502 5155

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