Fat Free Choco

PUBLISHED: 01:16 06 April 2011 | UPDATED: 21:31 20 February 2013

Fat Free Choco

Fat Free Choco

All the indulgence, aroma and well-being benefits of chocolate without a single calorie. Just don't eat it!

Chocolate, as we all know is renowned for its intense sensory properties. Just the smell of chocolate provides the trigger to activate pleasure-anticipation and food-reward neurons, but with this comes the whole guilt thing the calories, the fat and sugar content, and the squeeze of our favourite jeans. Thankfully there is another way we can enjoy this guilty pleasure and remain smug in the knowledge that it may even shift a few inches along the way. That has to be every womans idea of heaven.

Spa treatments with chocolate ingredients are proving to be very popular and are featured at many premium spas throughout the country. Fortunately we dont have to travel too far to take advantage of this indulgent treat with spas such as Venus Inspired offering their own version. The Chocolate Therapy treatment designed to condition the skin uses 100% pure cocoa butter, Dead Sea salts and essential oils to exfoliate and massage the skin, leaving you hydrated, re-mineralised and smelling gorgeous.

The absorption of chocolate products through the skin, coupled with smell activation will increase endorphins and help to put some feel good factor into you day. Chocolate products can also contain caffeine and other stimulating ingredients such as ginseng which serve to elevate our mood and improve how we feel. The buttery oils in chocolate also thin as the skin heats up during processes such as massage or body wraps, and are absorbed to increase the skins softness.

Tried and Tested

There is little doubt that chocolate treatments can take away the stresses of the day and make us feel truly pampered, but really the benefits of chocolate are nothing new. It has been prized for its medicinal properties since Aztec times when the beans of the Cacao fruit were dried, roasted and ground into a paste. Like red wine and green tea, it contains flavanoids which are natural chemicals that protect the heart; the darker the chocolate, the more flavanoids it has. Dark chocolate also contains high levels of magnesium which is a mineral that indirectly helps the body metabolise food into energy.

So lets just recap here; healthier heart, more energy, mood lifted, softer skin; do we need any more excuses? Whether you choose a wonderful dark chocolate egg or forego the calories and indulge in a chocolate treatment, you cant really lose. Just dont blame us if your jeans dont fit.happy Easter!

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