Delicious restaurants: Tried and tasted

PUBLISHED: 09:36 14 January 2016 | UPDATED: 13:00 14 January 2016

wel jan 16 tried and tasted

wel jan 16 tried and tasted

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Harpreet Khambay owner at Bright and White Dental Spa in South Woodford shares her love for local vegetarian cuisines, cheese heaven and why she never wants to touch snails again



Name: Harpreet Khambay

Company: Bright and White Dental Spa

Where do you live? South Woodford

The Coffee Break

Name of restaurant/café: The Larder

Location: Wanstead

Favourite dish? Any of its freshly made sandwiches, they are delicious

Who would you take? My best friend for a catch up over coffee, which is always nice

What makes this place perfect for a much-deserved break? It has a real community feel and it is really cosy. It is not a big chain so it is packed with personalised touches too


Name of restaurant: The Red Lion

Location: Leytonstone

Favourite dish? Vegetarian Sunday roast

Who would you take? Friends that live locally

What makes this the ideal venue for a midday catch-up? Friendly, laid back atmosphere and local. Perfect for socialising with friends over a Sunday roast.

A Family Meal

Name of restaurant: The Address

Location: South Woodford

Favourite dish? Vegetarian moussaka

Why is this your choice for the whole family? My family are a mix of vegetarians and non vegetarians and the menu here caters for us all. They are located next door to my practice, Bright and White Dental Spa, so no time is wasted on travelling! Also the owner is very welcoming and nothing is ever too much trouble

Living It Up

Name of restaurant: Nino’s

Location: South Woodford

Favourite dish? Deep fried brie with cranberry sauce

Who would you take? I would take all of my staff

Why is this venue perfect for parties or special occasions? Lively atmosphere with delicious food. I took my staff there for Christmas last year and we all had a fantastic time

Culinary quick-fire

• What’s your food heaven? cheese

• … and hell? Red meat

• What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? I generally don’t eat meat but once tried snails, however once was enough for me!

• What’s your guiltiest pleasure? Being a dentist I shouldn’t really admit to this but cake! It’s only as an occasional treat, I do like to practice what I preach!

• What must-have is always in your fridge? Organic milk, I can’t start my day without porridge and a cup of tea, milk is essential for both!

• Winter food must-have? Soup

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