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PUBLISHED: 13:38 02 October 2014 | UPDATED: 13:38 02 October 2014

Thy English Academy offer support to parents and children

Thy English Academy offer support to parents and children


Thy English Academy provide education support to parents and children. Read on to find out more.

THY ENGLISH ACADEMY is a children’s educational institution, which focuses on enhancing children’s ability in a particular subject. Its aim is to be the source and support service for parents and children age 7- 16 throughout their preparatory and senior school years; specialising in nurturing and training students for independent and grammar school selection examinations.

Nadia Mansoor, who specialises in entrance examinations, says: ‘Fluency of the language, both written and spoken, is at the core of our values. I continue this work out of fulfillment in seeing the progress in children and helping them to achieve their goals. We have a strong understanding and desire to fulfill the flaws experienced by parents with a robotic and computerised structure followed elsewhere. Children are encouraged to enjoy their development and time here.’ Thy English Academy covers a variety of locations including east and west London and Redbridge. To find our more call on 07882 937483 or 020 8530 8834.

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